Genesis - Fire VFX
About this project
  • Writer, Director - CJ Johnson
  • A +Project 44 production
  • Category: Motion, VFX
  • Tools: After Effects
  • Year: 2013

GENESIS -- Set in an alternate present day where people with super abilities known as "genesis subjects" are hunted down by the government as a larger political debate is happening worldwide. When a "hunter" comes face to face with an old friend who refuses to go quietly into the night, he's faced with his toughest mission yet. Discovering that he may just be a pawn in a much larger game. This is a gritty take on a world filled with people with super abilities. No costumes. No capes. Just a simple question… if someone you knew had special powers, does that mean that they still have the same rights as everyone else? This is a passion project, inspired by X-Men comics and Steven Soderbergh's "Traffic".

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